Treasured furniture: Antique Furniture Removals

Here at Elite Removals in Sydney, we understand how just how tricky antique furniture removals can be. Antique furniture is often invaluable, and precious to its owners or collectors. In a modern day setting, moving can be classed as one of the most stressful things to coordinate, not to mention throwing prized possessions such as antiques or fine art into the mix. Elite Removals in Sydney are able to help. We are comprised of a team who are fully-qualified to care for your antique goods. We are a team of highly-trained professionals, who have extensive experience in furniture removals of all kinds. We are able to move your awkward or bulky items, such as grand pianos, pool tables, or statues, as well as those more delicate, fragile pieces of furniture such as hand carved furniture, porcelain or crystal antiques.

Our removalists are able to help with a full spectrum of things – including managing the entire removals process for you start to finish. Alternately, they are able to focus on one part of the process you most need help with – e.g. packing, or transportation.

Our furniture removal services include:

  • Fantastic boxing and packaging solutions
  • Packing service – let us help you pack!
  • Dismantling any furniture
  • Transportation across Sydney
  • Reassembly of furniture
  • Expert packers and movers, and experienced antique handlers.

Antique owners and lovers will be pleased to know that we always practice the correct packaging and storage for all furniture, depending on its individual needs. Antique furniture can often need a little more love and care, and when it comes down to it, we can ensure your items will be packed correctly and secured and transported in one of our reliable vehicles.

Our service is offered Sydney wide, for any home or business removal. It is suitable for individual antique collectors, galleries, museums, or for anyone needing custom removal services. We offer some of Sydney’s most competitive rates, and a reliable, trusted service. Call today for more information or a free quote.